Sunday, April 2, 2017

Photo (c)op

Here's a lovely photo the police took of me and Nadz on our ride to Picton a couple of months ago. It only cost me $150 and 35 demerit points so I thought It could go up here and I could get some mileage out of it.

I was arguing with them about this via email and letter – a long slow process because they insist on replying to my emails with actual letters by post. I felt like this wasn't very dangerous at all – I'm not crossing a yellow line and I wasn't even close to breaking the speed limit. In fact the traffic here was doing between 30–40kph. So hardly moving. And on a motorcycle it's very quick and easy AND SAFE to pass here I'd argue. Also – to be clear – I only passed that big white van I'm pulling out on in the photo, not the whole line of traffic. But apparently I didn't have 100 meters clear ahead of me. It's kinda hard to tell from the photo I reckon? It wouldn't be far off though would it? And also I'd never heard of that rule before either. Is that common knowledge? Maybe it's a new rule since I got my license?

Anyway I gave up and paid the fine and here's another nice photo from what has to be one of the shittest rides ever. I've whinged about this already here. If you're thinking of coming to ride a motorcycle around the roads of the South Island anytime soon, DON'T! It sucks.